Welcome to Anne Goldberg's Website

As a working artist, Anne enjoys painting local scenes of the shore area. A resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Anne has shown her work throughout the New Jersey and New York areas. Anne has spent much of her time outdoors creating plein air sketches and paintings from which she has based her studio work. Working “en plein air” has enabled her to record aspects of nature, light and color as we see them in nature. She has mastered all types of media- oil paint, watercolor, pastel and acrylic. Anne's soft style and intricate detail convey a real emotion for her subject matter.

Throughout her life, Anne has worked as an artist, both in textile design, as a studio artist and as a teacher. Her work has been displayed in many of the best Exhibitions and Galleries in the area. This website represents Anne's many talents in the categories of Studio Works, Plein Air Works and Archived Works.

Summer Specials

Various pieces in the Archives Section will be on special throughout the season. Contact Anne for further information and pricing.